Silver Filigree - Crystal/Gemstone Magick Intention Necklace

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ONLY ONE CAGE AVAILABLE, but many gemstone blends to choose from!

Looking for a special way to carry your magickal, healing, or intention crystals around, without fussing with pouches, uncomfortable bracelets, or tacky crystals hanging off you?

Refined and delicate, our intention necklaces are custom-made for you and a beautiful, stealthy way to carry your magic around with you without raising any eyebrows. Sometimes you just wanna be low-key, am I right?

Choose from a wide variety of necklace cage designs to pair with your intention gemstones or crystals and we will make it with love for you, or as a gift for that special someone.

Each necklace will come with a list of the gemstones included, an 18" chain, and the best part: you can open the cages and reuse them for different intentions in the future! Or, you know, come back here ;)

Custom intentions might be possible, so please contact us to see if we can accommodate.