Guess What?

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Guess What?

Hey Shopify!

If you read this far I've got a surprise for you! Doing your exercise in creating this shop was so much fun I decided to actually go into business!

I am now the proud owner of It's currently hosted on Wordpress/WooCommerce, but I'm considering switching to Shopify soon because it's a heck of a lot easier to manage. I also really like the Oberlo app. There is a copycat out there called Ali2Woo for Woo, but it just isn't as good as the Oberlo one is. Not to mention that they make you pay for every app, plugin, etc. out there for your Woo shop whereas a lot of the Shopify stuff like templates, themes and apps are free or at least lower in cost and better in function.

While I'm waiting to hear from you, I thought I'd log back in here and see what other fun stuff I could tinker with to learn your platform. Like I said in my video, I'm impressed so far. From having employees before myself, I know that it is important that they believe in your product and like it, especially if they will be interacting with your customers!

To further plug myself, did you know that I did almost this same job at juggernaut Airbnb back in the day? It was JUUUUUST as they started to get huge. Things changed so quickly there so I was always on my toes and learning the new quirks of the site (the engineers like to play a lot).

Helping customers, educating and sometimes calming them down were all part of my day there. Same with my current business. Even though it's on autopilot right now as we close up shop it's important to me that our clients and guests are happy and feel valued. I feel like it's just a basic thing to do in a service-oriented business like your SaaS or my property management biz.

Anyway, onward and upward! I hope that we can combine our forces and make beautiful business together!